How To Create a New document in PhotoShop?

Steps for making new document or project file in adobe photoshop

  • Run Photoshop
  • Select File
  • Click New
  • Press Create Button
  • Done


Run Photoshop

Select photoshop from your computer screen icon then click right click of a mouse ->open.

Welcome Screen

After opening you will see a blank interface screen like the below image. this show that our photoshop software is opened we need to create a document file or project.

latest Adobe photoshop welcome screen home screen interface

To create New Document or project file

after that, you need to click the file option top left corner and then press the new option for creating a new Document or project file in photoshop. like shown below.

latest Adobe photoshop create new document file

after clicking the new option a new window opens as shown below

adobe photoshop presets template documents

you will see presets of different documents size choose one of the good presets from those. otherwise, enter your own size. On the right side of a new window, you can enter your value like 1000 width 1000 height, and press blue to create a button bottom side. like, shown below.

latest Adobe photoshop create new document project file


Your Photoshop new document file is created now.

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