Top 5 Types of NFTs in 2022 | Important points about NFT

NFT Types

NFT Types: According to the news the year 2021 was the year of NFTS. From music, arts, graphic design to video games, and more all come in the category of NFTs. So, the agenda that we cover in this article is that we will describe the top 5 Types of NFTs in 2022.

What is an NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation of Non-fungible token. It is a non-interchangeable unit of data that is stored on the blockchain. So, it means the data that we store digitally on different websites, like images, videos, art, graphic design work, etc. We can’t interchange that by using the blockchain. We can sell out and trade the NFT by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ether, etc.

Each NFT is identified by a token because that token is assigned to every NFT uniquely. When a person purchases an NFT through a platform then he claims a public certificate of authenticity or the certificate of ownership of that NFT.

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Top 5 NFT Types:


2 ) NFT Music

3 ) NFT Memes

4 ) NFT Video Games

5) NFT Big Sport Moments


NFT Types
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Art is the most popular type of NFT nowadays. In the NFT world, it’s a great opportunity for the artists to make the NFTs and sell their best work online instead of selling physically. At this time, the most expensive NFTs that are sold out, are the work of artists. According to Luno, the most expensive NFT that was sold out, its name was “EVERYDAY’S: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” and this NFT was created by an artist whose name was Beeple. This piece of NFT is sold out for $69 million.

There are many NFTs that were sold out for millions of dollars. In that, the work was video art like short videos and gifs, etc… For example, a short 10-second video that was called “crossroad” is sold out for $6.6 million. And this one is also by Beeple.

NFT Music

The second best type of NFT is music. The musician and DJs have been selling their work as NFTs on different NFTs marketplace and can earn millions of dollars in a matter of hours. Literally, musicians earn some amount of money in the total money because there are many cuts applied to their songs. So, if they convert their music into NFTs then they will receive complete money digitally in their account. there will be no cuts applied to their music.

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The third best type of NFT is Memes. As we know this is the Ara of digital. Every person has an android phone and internet. Every person likes the memes. When a meme is popular all around the world, everyone uses that experience in his personal life just as a joke. There are many people all over the world that are famous only through memes. So, everyone can know the value of memes.

You can also buy and trade the memes on the different NFT marketplace. There are many memes that were sold out for millions of dollars. The most valuable meme that name was the Doge meme, which was sold out for $4 million. Some of the other most popular memes are Nyan Cat, Bad luck Brain, and Disaster girl which value between $30,000 to $770,000.

Video Games

Another type of NFT is video games. Companies can’t sell the whole game as NFTs. Rather they, sell out some contents in the game like skin, clothes of characters, even the whole character as an NFT. As you see in different video games there are many assets that exist for a character. Some of the most popular games nowadays are PUBG, Free Fire, etc.. in which you can clearly see there are many outfits for a character, that every player wants to use for his character. So the Developer of these assets can sell these assets as an NFT on different NFTS marketplace and earn millions of dollars by one asset.

Big Sport Moments

NFTs offer something that doesn’t really have a physical equivalent: memorable sports moments. These are the shorts videos of the historical moments in the history of the sports like groundbreaking slam dunks or game-changing touchdowns. Even though these videos are short 10 seconds videos but it’s can be sell-out under $200,000.