Scaffold – Widget of the day #01 | Flutter Beginner

Flutter Scaffold Widget 01

In this article, We will see the flutter Scaffold widget. we will understand all its properties and also the things we use in every project. In our flutter project, we declare each and everything under the scaffold widget. Scaffold widget has many properties like app bar, drawer, backgroundColor, floating action button, bottom navigation bar, and more…

So, Let’s start the work:

What is Scaffold?

A Scaffold Widget provides a framework that implements the basic material design and visual layout structure of the flutter app. It provides many attributes for showing the app bar, background color, drawer, end drawer, bottom navigation bar, bottom sheet, and more…

Scaffold Properties:
  • appbar
  • body
  • floatingActionButton
  • drawer
  • endDrawer
  • backgroundColor
  • bottomNavigationBar
  • bottomSheet
  • floatingActionButtonLocation
  • persistentFooterButtons
  • resizeToAvoidBottomInset
  • extendBody
  • extendBodyBehindAppBar
  • drawerScrimColor
  • drawerEdgeDragWidth
  • drawerEnableOpenDragGesture
  • endDrawerEnableOpenDragGesture
  • resizeToAvoidBottomInset
  • primary
  • floatingActionButtonAnimator
  • restorationId

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