How to use the Flutter Zoom Drawer Package

Flutter Zoom Drawer

In this article, we will see how can we use or implement the Flutter Zoom Drawer package in our flutter projects. You will also see how can you change the different views of drawers by using this package, also will check drawer is open or close, how to change the color of the menu screen, how to implement zoom drawer functionality, and the angle of the screen, and more…

So, Let’s start the work

So, to implement this package into your flutter project. First, go to the and search the package flutter zoom drawer. Then go to in installing tab, copy that line and put it into the pubspec.yaml file under the dependencies section.

Like this:

Flutter Zoom Drawer

After add this line you need to click on pub get, otherwise you need to run the flutter pub get command in the terminal.

flutter pub get

after run the command, go inside the lib folder and make three screens, one for drawer where we will call both main screen and as well as menu screen.




From main.dart in home we will call the drawer_screen.dart. main.dart file will be like this:

Flutter Zoom Drawer

In drawer_screen.dar first, we will initialize the ZoomDrawerController inside a final variable.

final zoomDrawerController = ZoomDrawerController();

Inside the DrawerScreen screen, we will return the ZoomDrawer and will initialize its attributes. There are many attributes, but the two are required menuscreen and mainscreen, we will provide the both screens widget to these attributes:

Like this:

Flutter Zoom Drawer

Then, under the main_screen.dart we will make an app bar and inside this, we will generate a menu icon by using the leading property of the app bar.

We will wrap this menu icon inside the IconButton widget, icon button widget has an on-pressed property, which we will use, and inside we will check if the zoom drawer is open then we use will click on it, then close it. If the zoom drawer is closed and uses click on the menu button then open it.

Like this:

Flutter Zoom Drawer

After the set, runs the application and output should be :

Flutter Zoom Drawer

Source Code GitHub: flutter99/flutter_zoom_drawer

So in this article, we learn that how can we use the flutter zoom drawer package inside our flutter package.

If you have any questions you can write here, or can check my youtube video, you can understand all the steps clearly. Thanks

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